The Home Economics of the province are getting ready to Cekebrate 100th years of ANBEF/NBHEA June 1, 2  and 3  at Wingate in Dieppe. Around the table we can see the program committee members:  Sheila McCarthy, Stéphanie Arsenault, Julie Caissie, committee president, Yvette Doiron LeBlanc, Margaret McCormack et Annie Lavoie Godin, President elect of the NBHEA.


Award of the NBHEA Scholarships
The New Brunswick Association for Home Economics (NBHEA) has awarded two scholarships to students from the Université de Moncton School of Food, Nutrition and family studies. The recipients of 2017-2018 are Martine McIntyre, a 4th year student at B.A. (major in family studies) and Noemi Auffrey Jones, a 3rd year student in secondary education (major in family studies). Each received a scholarship of $1500 from the Chair of the Scholarship committee, Annie Godin Lavoie,P.H.Ec. (right).