Press release:
The New Brunswick Home Economics Association is celebrating its 100th anniversary during their Conference held at the Wingate Hotel, in Dieppe, on June 1st, 2nd and 3rd, 2018.
The public is invited to attend Dr. Linda Dalpé’s presentation: Healthy living families: what are the challenges? on Saturday June 2nd at 1:30 PM in room ‘Le Mascaret’. There is no cost for attendees as long as they pre-register by phone at 506. 783. 9000 or email to before May 29th. Welcome to all.
For information on the program and registration form, visit our Facebook: NBHEA – 100 years of Home Economics or our Web site: NBHEA/ANBEF.


Did you know that…?
A Home Economist uses a holistic approach to all basic needs of individuals and family, regardless of the situation. Professionals with training in Home Economics have the necessary tools to help individuals and families satisfy their basic needs, whether they be food and nutrition, clothing, housing, human development and family living. In managing their human and material resources to the maximum, families and individuals become more self-sufficient and enhance their quality of lives and general wellbeing. When individuals and families build their strengths, our communities and nation are also strengthened, so everyone benefits.  Ref. Web Site NBHEA
For information on our 100th anniversary, consult our Web site: NBHEA/ANBEF and our Facebook: NBHEA– 100 years of Home Economics.


Did you know that…?
The New Brunswick Medical Society and the New Brunswick Home Economics Association have joined to make a demand to the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development to offer a mandatory Food and Nutrition Class to all High school students in the province, taught by Professional Home Economists who have the training in food preparation and nutrition as well as the consumer skills to buy economical nutritious food.



Preparations for the 100th anniversary Conference of NBHEA/ANBEF, to be held in Dieppe on June 1st, 2nd and 3rd, are going well. The organizing committee met once again on April 7th. On the photo from left to right are Anita Landry, Registration; Bernice McGraw, Hospitality;  Margaret McCormack, Program; Aline Landry, Finances; Yvette LeBlanc, Program; Riba Riordon, Decorations; Annie Godin, Program; Jocelyne Savoie, Publicity; Marion MacEachern, Publicity; Colette Landry, President of the Organizing committee; Stéphanie Arsenault and Julie Caissie, Program.
All those who have studied Home Economics at a post-secondary institution are invited to celebrate with us. See or Web site: NBHEA/ANBEF or Facebook: NBHEA- 100 years of Home Economics.


Did you know that…?

For the past 100 years, NBHEA / ANBEF has maintained its first mission: help families and individuals and better manage their resources. Since the needs of our society constantly evolve, the help provided by Home economist has also transformed to answer these demands. 
In 1918, at the very first NBHEA meeting, we find in the minutes that they discussed War time Recipes.  There were shortages of ingredients due to the War, so they discussed how recipes could be changed to use what was available to feed the families of that time.

Today, Home economists still teach all aspects related to nutrition while helping individuals and families to manage various resources.
For information on our 100th anniversary, consult our Web site: NBHEA/ANBEF and our Facebook: NBHEA– 100 years of Home Economics.



Did you know that…?

NBHEA/ANBEF is celebrating 100 years.
Few Professional Associations in NB have contributed to NB society for 100 years! Our research shows that only two groups of professionals created an association before Home Economists: The Medical Society and the Teacher’s Union. Here are some comparisons:

1867 Medical Society Foundation
1917 Teacher’s Union
1918 New Brunswick Home Economics Association
1920 Association of Professional Engineers of New Brunswick
1965 New Brunswick Association of Social Workers
1949 Association des enseignants francophones du N.B.

For information on our 100th anniversary, consult our Web site: NBHEA/ANBEF and our Facebook: NBHEA– 100 years of Home Economics.



Did you know that…?

NBHEA/ANBEF will celebrate 100 years in Juin, 2018.  The event will take place at the Wingate Hotel in Dieppe, N.B. on June 1st 2nd and 3rd. All home economists are cordially invited. For more information, consult our Web site: ANBEF/ANBEF or our Facebook: NBHEA - 100 year of Home Economics.



The Home Economics of the province are getting ready to Cekebrate 100th years of ANBEF/NBHEA June 1, 2  and 3  at Wingate in Dieppe. Around the table we can see the program committee members:  Sheila McCarthy, Stéphanie Arsenault, Julie Caissie, committee president, Yvette Doiron LeBlanc, Margaret McCormack et Annie Lavoie Godin, President elect of the NBHEA.


Award of the NBHEA Scholarships
The New Brunswick Association for Home Economics (NBHEA) has awarded two scholarships to students from the Université de Moncton School of Food, Nutrition and family studies. The recipients of 2017-2018 are Martine McIntyre, a 4th year student at B.A. (major in family studies) and Noemi Auffrey Jones, a 3rd year student in secondary education (major in family studies). Each received a scholarship of $1500 from the Chair of the Scholarship committee, Annie Godin Lavoie,P.H.Ec. (right).