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What does it mean to practice Home Economics?

The “practice of home economics” means the development, interpretation, integration and application of the principles of home economics for the purpose of enhancing the quality of daily life of individuals and families.

This includes:

  • advising individuals, families and organizations
  • disseminating information, planning, conducting and evaluating educational programs
  • evaluating public and private sector policies and programs affecting the well-being of individuals and families
  • conducting research relating to the following:
    • knowledge and skills required for satisfying basic needs for food clothing, shelter and human development and relationships
    • consumer goods and services and
    • management of individual and family resources.

Professional home economists use a holistic approach in dealing with the individual or family no matter what the problem might be. Professionnals who have the knowledge and trainning in the field of Home Economics have the skills to help individuals in meeting their basic needs in foods ans nutrition, clothing, housing, human development and family relations. By managing their human and material ressources, these individuals will be empowered to have a better quality of life.